Man And The Sea
A film exploring community, tradition and our relationship to the natural world

The Relationships

The Faroe Island

Fisheries products account for more than 95% of total exports of the Faroese so few communities have as much dependency on living marine resources. The Faroe Islands are a protectorate of Denmark but unlike Denmark, are not a member of the European Union choosing to remain outside to protect their own fishing rights. Because the Faroese diet consists to a large extent of living marine resources, heavy metal contaminants released from Europe and North America pose a considerable health risk to the small island population.


Iceland is often used as an example of how fisheries can be managed sustainably. The innovative management system of individual transferable quotas (ITQs) promotes both efficient utilization of living marine resources and economic viability of fishing communities. For example, according to Icelandic law, all catches must be landed. In the wake of the Icelandic bank crisis, dependence of fisheries has become more important for identity and community than ever before.

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